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Come and experience a bus tour and discover the Island's Untold Legacy of the African Bermuda Dispersion Cultural Tour 2020 which will take you on a Sankofa Journey of the Enslaved's stories of Freedom. 

Roughly 60 percent of Bermudians are of African Ancestry, many of whom are descendants of West African and West Indian slaves brought here during the 17th century. 

We will visit sites based on stories of Free and Enslaved people and learn of their stories of Freedom and contribution to the plight of African Bermudians. 

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Departure point:
In following Covid requirements, Guests are Required to wear Face Masks on bus.

The Titan Express bus will be parked directly outside The Visitor Service Center on Front Street,Hamilton, near the Ferry Terminal.  Please ensure to arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure an on time departure. 

The tour is 90 minutes & bus will depart promptly at 6:30PM & return at 8:00PM 

Dates: Thursdays and Saturdays
September 10th,12th,17th, 24th,26th

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required for refunds. 


Celebrating 400 Years of Parliament 
We will discuss some of the Parlimentary ACT's that have been legislated over the centuries and you will find some very intriguing!

Barr's Bay Park
This scenic spot right off of Front Street has deep ties to Bermuda’s African heritage. Here you will learn of the Enterprise ship landing and the plight of those onboard and how their future was effected by this event. "We Arrive," a striking statue, graces the park to commemorate this event in our history. 

Wesley Square 
More than a century after slavery was abolished in Bermuda, segregation remained a scourge for the island. During the Theatre Boycotts of 1959, Bermudians of African descent rose up against racial segregation. The statue "When Voices Rise", in Hamilton’s Wesley Square, commemorates that event. 

Sarah "Sally" Bassett
An Enslaved woman accused of poisoning a slave owner, and being the ringleader of the poisoning plots in the 1700's. A striking statue, graces the park to commemorate this event in our history. 


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